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DamienRocheFitness 30 day challenge.

Check out a couple of my Group Exercise Classes ‘Mannequin Challenge’…

Remember that fad? ;)

We have such an amazing group of seniors at #DamienRocheFitness. After seeing the evening Tabata crew's Mannequin Challenge they refused to let them have all the fun. Love this group.
After a rough Tabata session it's all the more impressive that anyone could even stand up with out trembling.

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BootCamp: Plank LIne

A nice way to motivate the crew to hold on and fight for that quality plank.

A fun way to encourage your crew to maintain a Plank longer than they may otherwise. Quality is always number one goal. After that then just fight to hold on until it's your turn to side step through your teams feet.

Want to see how a band and a towel combo can light up your core and improve functional strength?

An amazing functional whole body exercise. 

Having some fun with resistance bands at #DamienRocheFitness. This is a great functional strength exercise, connecting movement patterns that are useful to a lot of sports, performance and injury prevention. There is a lot work going on , from an explosive concentric phase, holding the stance and a slow eccentric return to the start.

Take your fitness gains and put them to good use. Get outside and play.

A pre-dawn start to the day. Totally worth the 27 degrees and 4:30 AM wake up to get here in time to see the mountains shadow shrink down into the valley.

Making swimming so easy it feels like swimming down hill.

And that's how it is done. I have had the amazing privilege of being this girls swim instructor from Day 1. From nervous bubble blowing at the side to her conquering a back float. So many wins between then and now.

Why would you want to take your weights for a walk?

Adam demonstrating good composure and control of his Farmer's Walk.

Nice day to get some cardio in outside 💪😝👍

Only do this exercise if you are looking to become stronger, increase cardiovascular fitness, light up your nervous system and stabilizing muscles and force a synergy among muscle groups that is often a missing link when just hitting the main bar lifts. All these muscle groups are forced to work together when you lift your max weight and try to move through all dimensions, not just up and down.  As tough as it is to move, it is also extremely taxing restricting the movement in unwanted directions when its time to slow and turn and accelerate again. So what muscle groups are involved?....eh...most of them actually. Your whole body is under a serious amount of tension throughout this exercise.... Your grip is controlled by the muscles in your forearms, and grip as you can imagine is key here. So forearms are heavily involved from the moment you set up to lift the load...  Both bicep and triceps are involved in stabilizing and not locking the elbow joint out...  All the muscles of your upper back are involved in keeping you falling forward and also involved in keeping your shoulders from being dragged too low by the load... Your core is the link from legs to upper body. It is constantly adapting to each step and each waiver, finding a balance between over compensating and counter acting constant forces of gravity and the ever changing forces of momentum, and other muscle groups... Did we mention forearms and musculature of the hand.... Legs, of course, as you try to take steps and then control the breaking of pace, increasing pace again... forearms and hand...      As a result of all these muscle groups working at the same time, your heart and lungs better get on board fast to supply the extra fuel needed in so many locations at once. 30 seconds Farmer's Walk with your max load can seriously help with your other lifts, even if done just once a week.

Can Tic Tac Toe improve your fitness?

It certainly can when its thrown in as a fun finisher in X-Training.

Are you up for a friendly personal challenge?

This is a 2 step challenge.

Step 1

Find out how many full push ups you can do in a minute.

Step 2

Use your result to choose a target to aim for and a deadline date to achieve it by.  ( We can help you with that.)


Full elbow bend to 90 degrees for a rep to count.

For duration of challenge you are only permitted to have your hands and feet on floor. You can pause and take recovery time as often as you need but no other body part may touch the floor during this time. 

Challenge ends after 60 sec has passed or as soon as you touch the floor with other body part other than your hands and feet.


Make Burpees Better

Share them with a training partner. Dan and Taylor "enjoying" just some of our early morning bootcamp session. 

Dan midway through an amrap I designed for the DV high School Indoor Triathlon 

2016 DV High School Indoor Tri:  Amrap to replace cycling stage this year

How to complement one of the best strength exercises there is!