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Damien Roche Fitness is the best for whatever your fitness needs are. They have great challenging classes for the intermediate level, which is where I started.  Now I like to kick it up a notch with their bootcamp classes.  I have seen a change in my body and fitness level in my time there.  I also love the spin classes. For me, I also find variety is important to stay motivated and not get bored.  Lots of variety here. But the best thing here are the instructors, who really care about the people who want to better themselves through fitness.  Stop in and check the place out!  You won't want to leave!"

 - Daniel Parent

'Thanks to Damien's work outs, I just completed my first half marathon with no leg pains. He was able to diagnose issues I had with training. Gave me work outs to correct the issues. I'm stronger, faster now!'

- Mathew Matson, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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'The best place to be if you want to feel good about yourself.
Great classes always something new and exciting!!!
Love it!!!'

- Michelle Sussman, PA

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 Mike sharing an inspiring before & after photo.   

Mike sharing an inspiring before & after photo.


"Just wanted to thank you for starting this journey with me. I miss our sessions but I am still doing the Planks and Burpees.lol'

- Michael Camiola, NY

 John loving life with Silver Sneakers at Damien Roche Fitness

John loving life with Silver Sneakers at Damien Roche Fitness






Big Thank You to #Damienrochefitness for encouraging John to work hard for a great result, Johns recovery from health problems has been greatly helped by Damien Roche and the classes at the fitness center. Thank you for offering such a great service where seniors can get help to maintain a good quality of life.

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'I have been taking classes at this gym for two years and I am very happy with the changes I have seen in my body and stress levels! The workout classes are fun and provide a lot of variety to keep things challenging. It's a pleasure to go because the atmosphere is so supportive!'

- Veronica Coyne, Dingmans Ferry. PA

'I have gone to gyms on and off since the mid 80’s. Damien Roche Fitness is the most personable gym I’ve ever used. Damien knows pretty much every member by name. He talks with members to help them develop and achieve their fitness goals. Without being pushy, he periodically checks with members to see how members are doing and if they need help.
Many gyms lean towards either weight lifting or fitness classes. DRF offers both. The facility has several elliptical and treadmill machines (have never seen a line). There’s also a rowing machine and a studio full of Spin cycles (classes too).
I’m not a weight lifter, but there seem to be plenty of free weights and accessories for those who do. Many lifters are in every day and seem friendly enough to help anyone interested in learning.
The classes offered are excellent—and are much more than what you would expect from a gym “in the woods”! The instructors are first rate and make a point to help every participant get the most from each class. Damien leads several of the classes and is creative in coming up with workout variations that challenge and keep things fresh.
DRF also periodically offers new classes such as Kettlebell training with Deb “Sarge” Stevens. The class offers a nice training alternative to the high intensity classes.
Aside from the regular gym offerings, DRF regularly invites members to weekend hikes and races in the area. More than a gym, Damien is building a community for healthy living and fitness. DRF is a great place to belong.'

 - Dave Foord, Dingmans Ferry, PA

"Great gym in Milford area!  Always a pleasure to stop in for a workout while visiting my family.  Damien is very nice owner and runs a very nice gym."

- Jeremy Gayser,

"A Wonderful place to come.  Clean, such nice equipment and such happy, friendly and helpful staff.   Please give it a try!!"

- Judy Murphy, Lords Valley, PA

'It's like working out with family. So glad I have a place to go and enjoy it. Thanks Damien'

- Lorraine Markey, Dingmans Ferry, PA

 Review posted using Mindbody App

Review posted using Mindbody App

"Damien Roche fitness is a great place to focus on your goals and get results! The place has an intelligent owner (Damien Roche) and friendly staff. It also has all the necessary equipment. It's kept very clean and it's a great environment to workout! #DamienRocheFitness"

- Lawrence Cicileo

   'Boot camp is always a fun and challenging start to a Saturday morning.'      - Decker, R.,  Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

'Boot camp is always a fun and challenging start to a Saturday morning.'

- Decker, R., Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

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"Damien has been top notch Fitness instructor/ trainer for years. I took his circuit and boot camp classes back in Milford. Now he has his own place. I love his gravity classes with straps on Saturday right after Sandy's incredible total body workout. Good decent knowledgeable
 hard working people. What a gift to us!"

 - Terry Mooney, PA

 Review posted using Mindbody App

Review posted using Mindbody App

"Our area's best gym!   Check it out and you will be hooked!  Damien can help you become a better you, more fit, more energetic, more satisfied with yourself.  He offers a full service gym, a diverse selection of exercise classes and a family atmosphere that will have you wanting to go the gym!   Damien Roche Fitness' staff and patrons provide motivation and camaraderie to all who enter.  Whether you are looking to change your lifestyle or just move it to the next level, this is the place for you."

- Lee Romano, Milford, PA

"Great place to workout.  Nice variety of classes and equipment.  And, a pleasant, encouraging atmosphere."

- Leslie Lacika, Milford, PA

"Damien Roche Fitness is a great gym with a very friendly atmosphere.  Damien and the staff really care about their members, and they go above and beyond to help members with any workout needs."

- Greg Joslyn, Milford, PA

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"Damien Roche Fitness- If you ever want to challenge yourself and reach new fitness levels then this man will get you there. The level of knowledge and fun atmosphere makes training with him amazing. I recommend giving this a shot and you will be hooked. Hey who knows he might even play "cards"........."

- Larry Defazio, Milford PA





'Love this gym I get so motivated from the trainers.'

 - Mary Rappa, Dingmans Ferry, PA

 Mary enjoying working her lower back in Circuit Training.

Mary enjoying working her lower back in Circuit Training.

"Damien Roche Fitness has changed my life. It has given me the mental and physical strength and confidence I've always been searching for. I've been going for years now and the atmosphere is phenomenal, as well as every individual there-especially Damien. I've known Damien now for as long as I've gone to the gym and the amount of inspiration and motivation he gives to every person, including myself, is truly amazing and moving...he has helped me move mountains and I've seen what he's done for many others as well, just wonderful!! If I could rate 6 stars I would!!!"

- Taylor Vasconi, Dingmans Ferry, PA

"If you are lucky enough to live in Pike County, PA,  this place is a must - for all ages and all body types!  I was fortunate to find this "gem of a gym" and tomeet Damien.  He is a fitness guru who can bring out the best in every person he meets.  The fun doesn't end at the fitness center.  The members' support for one another is amazing and spreads throughout the community.  For a strong mind and body,  Damien Roche Fitness is one stop shopping!"

 - Nancy Bernard, Dingmans Ferry, PA

"I have been taking classes with Damien off and on for a full year now. Although I only see him once a week, his voice is in my head pushing me to do my best. He has not accepted my excuses and challenges me to better my bests. Because of this, I hired him for private swim lessons with my kids. He is a patient and thorough instructor. He teaches clean, strong competitive quality strokes from day one. I couldn't be happier with the quality of instruction. My kids say he is a great coach!"

- Kerry Deckert, Milford PA

"Such a great place to work out Have fun and get fit all at the same time Aren't you worth it ! The staff are so friendly and helpful, best place ever"

- Pat LaCorte, Dingmans Ferry, PA

"I know when I go to Damien Roche Fitness Center I will get a good workout.  Whether you are going to a class or using the gym the atmosphere is welcoming.  Everyone there is helpful and encouraging.  Damien is knowledgeable and a fantastic motivator.  Great way to start my day!"

— Abby Bood, Dingmans Ferry, PA

"The Damien Roche Fitness Center is like a close knit family where people push each other to reach their full potential at their own pace. The people there are helpful and kind to any beginner or member, alike. The fitness center is a comfortable, judge-free zone where people can work hard and have fun doing it."

 Chris Francis, Milford, PA

"You will not find a better instructor than Damien Roche in all of Dingmans Ferry. Top notch. Extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and creative. Will give you the techniques you want and need to know in order to be your best self. I cannot speak highly enough of Damien and his Center."

— Jen Briedster, Milford, PA

 Review posted using Mindbody App

Review posted using Mindbody App

"I found Damien to be a enthusiastic and knowledgeable person in general in my time working with him. Honest, approachable, funny and encouraging he was to colleagues and clients alike. He was very helpful to me in my early days, starting out in this health and fitness game. We could do with some more guys like him helping us, to help others, back over here in Ireland."

— Darren Healy N.C.E.F Fitness instructor Wexford, Ireland

Since I’m taking Damien’s classes, I feel stronger, happier and I learned how to do push ups and burpees! I have come out of my comfort zone and most important: I’m not a member of the couch-potato-club anymore!! His classes are challenging -but every exercise can be modified- and they are fun! I’m even jealous of everybody who can take his Thursday morning X-treme class at Tribe...I can’t! I work full-time!”

— Barbara Cooper Milford, PA

“Damien is inspirational for all of us—from Spartan racers to circuit lovers to the “injured” among us who can’t wait to get back into the flow. No matter your ability level,he can find a way for you to challenge yourself.”

— B’Ann Bowman, Greely, PA

"Great space, great gym. Friendly supportive staff to help you. I really liked it there. Check it out."

— Shannon Steel, PA

I feel so energized after his classes.'

- Simone Palmer, PA


"Damien is a great trainer and a great guy. The fitness center will thrive with his commitment to make others better."

— Mark Gualandi, Milford, PA

“I met Damien in July of 2013, he is my daughters Personal Trainer. I would drop my daughter at the gym, and every once in awhile I would bump into Damien. Damien would always have a smile on his face and invite me to ‘join the fun’. Eventually, I decided to ‘join the fun’ and in all honesty, that’s what it is, fun. Yes, it is hard work but with Damien as my Personal Trainer and the wonderful people who are around him, it makes it fun. I look forward to Damien’s classes, I know I am going to get a great workout and feel amazing afterwards. At Super-Set classes, Damien has at least 10 people attending and if I am having a hard time with a set, he personally pushes me through my challenging set or gives me advice on how to modify my workout, he does the same with each person if necessary. Damien’s job is not just a job, he puts his heart in this, you can tell, he sincerely cares and he wants to share his health knowledge with you. The respect and admiration I have for Damien will last a lifetime and if you give him just one day, you will feel the same.”

— Tracie Vasconi, Dingmans Ferry, PA

“As a former competitive swimmer, it was really important to me that my daughter be able to swim. I wasn’t looking for super competitive classes or anything, I just wanted to not have a fear of her around water. We started her swim lessons at a different place and she was shy and comfortable only with one swim instructor. The classes were very large and short and she quickly lost interest. We switched to Mr. Damien, and amazing things began happening. He was so gentle and kind with her that she began to trust him. She went from needing a noodle to swim, to actual swimming. She is learning all of the different strokes now and I have no fear of her in the water. Damien is so patient and willing to do just about anything to help his students. Like most 5 year old girls, my daughter can be stubborn at times, but Damien never loses his patience, he will find a way to get through to her. She looks forward to going to class, and seeing what Mr. Damien has planned. It truly is amazing.”

— Jenn Weis, Milford, PA

“My 4-year old son started swim lessons with Damien the summer of 2014. Before taking lessons with Damien, Ivan was nervous and unsure about being in the water. Ivan’s confidence quickly grew after just a few classes with Damien. Damien creates a comfortable and encouraging environment for Ivan to learn. Ivan is proud after each lesson and can’t wait to go each week. Both of our boys will be great swimmers, thanks to Damien.”

— Michelle Vinson, Shohola, PA

"Damien is an unbelievable trainer who can bring people beyond the limits of what they expect they do, he can pull from your strengths and build on your weaknesses to fulfill the potential athlete in anyone. By far one of the best trainers out there."

— Sarah Ryan, Wexford, Ireland

“I took my first workout class with Damien just about two years ago, and to this day continue to challenge myself on a weekly basis by attending his workout sessions. Sometimes as much as two and three times a week.

Damien has managed to inspire the best in me. His positive mental attitude, coupled with the wide range of workout sessions that he so passionately plans and presents us with every week, have helped me reach a potential I never imagined existed within me. His sessions are never without challenge or variations. I have taken his pool classes, super circuit training classes, and his outdoor boot camp classes and even though at times I was sore as hell, I am sore right now from Thursday’s workout, I have always walked out with a sense of accomplishment and feeling grateful for having Damien as my trainer. 

Damien is a resilient, focused, enthusiastic individual with a passion to help influence others to live a healthier, happier, longer, life by adding some form or level of exercise to their lifestyle. He has certainly made a difference in my life!”

— Rose Palermo, Milford, PA

“Damien always explains how things work in the body which I think makes it easy to understand how to achieve my goals. All the encouragement really makes me want to work harder. He pushed me harder than I thought I could go, seemed he knew me better than I knew myself. Each session was slightly different to make me work harder. I was always shattered after a workout but felt great the next day.”

— Sean Bolger, Wexford, Ireland

"I have been taking classes with Damien off and on for a full year now. Although I only see him once a week, his voice is in my head pushing me to do my best. He has not accepted my excuses and challenges me to better my bests. Because of this, I hired him for private swim lessons with my kids. He is a patient and thorough instructor. He teaches clean, strong competitive quality strokes from day one. I couldn't be happier with the quality of instruction. My kids say he is a great coach!"

— Kerry Smith, PA