We are very fortunate to have access to Pike Physical Therapy right across the parking lot. Their new Endless Pool is an invaluable training tool, for everyone including:

  • those in need of water therapy.
  • water aerobics.
  • swim lessons for all ages ( from potty trained )
  • group and individual lessons for all abilities from complete beginner and fearful of the water to accomplished swimmers
  • athletes and triathletes looking for stoke analysis and correction using video feedback and instant feedback by swimming in place over a mirror.

From nervous beginner to confident swimmer this 90 pool is an ideal playground to dial in your technique and improve your quality of water activities and fun.

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As a former competitive swimmer, it was really important to me that my daughter be able to swim. I wasn’t looking for super competitive classes or anything, I just wanted to not have a fear of her around water. We started her swim lessons at a different place and she was shy and comfortable only with one swim instructor. The classes were very large and short and she quickly lost interest. We switched to Mr. Damien, and amazing things began happening. He was so gentle and kind with her that she began to trust him. She went from needing a noodle to swim, to actual swimming. She is learning all of the different strokes now and I have no fear of her in the water. Damien is so patient and willing to do just about anything to help his students. Like most 5 year old girls, my daughter can be stubborn at times, but Damien never loses his patience, he will find a way to get through to her. She looks forward to going to class, and seeing what Mr. Damien has planned. It truly is amazing.
— Jenn Weis, Milford, PA
My 4-year old son started swim lessons with Damien the summer of 2014. Before taking lessons with Damien, Ivan was nervous and unsure about being in the water. Ivan’s confidence quickly grew after just a few classes with Damien. Damien creates a comfortable and encouraging environment for Ivan to learn. Ivan is proud after each lesson and can’t wait to go each week. Both of our boys will be great swimmers, thanks to Damien.
— Michelle Vinson, Shohola, PA