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Suspension Strap Training

 Core, and a whole lot more.

Core, and a whole lot more.

This class gives lots of modifications and instructions on how to make each exercise easier or tougher. We keep client numbers low to provide everyone with an excellent learning and training experience.

Description: Suspension Strap Training is a fantastic way of using your own body weight to get a workout that will challenge and improve your strength, balance and core function. Using suspension straps is never boring as there are so many options available for each muscle group.  One thing our clients love is how simple it is to make an exercise tougher or easier as needed, without having to have any other equipment on standby. Every single exercise will engage your core and stabilizing muscles in a functional way.  This transfers to fast and real world improvements in strength and coordination.


• Designed for every level, from beginners to experienced, to get a full body workout, emphasizing functional core strength.
• All fitness levels welcome.


Please note some exercises are performed with hands on the floor. Anyone with wrist issues should talk to one of our trainers and see how we can modify certain exercises for you so you can still enjoy a great workout.

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Every Saturday, 6:30 AM


GET UP AND OWN THE DAY FROM THE START!!! Nothing can get in the way of you and your workout if you get it done before the day starts.

Saturday @ 6:30 a.m.

All sessions will be minimum 75 mins, max 90 mins.

Your attendance at training session must prebooked prior to the workout.


 ...and reduces risk of injury in young athletes.

...and reduces risk of injury in young athletes.

Improve on the basic building blocks for all sports. We can arrange for blocks of 4, 6 or 8 weeks for your team or group.  block of fun activities focusing on improving movement patterns, agility, reaction times and of course strength and conditioning appropriate for this age group.

 Fun and functional games.

Fun and functional games.

So if you are interested in reducing risk of injury while improving speed and agility as well as confidence both on and off the playing field this may be what you and your team need.


We cater to groups or teams of ages 8 and up,  pre-Teen, as well as Teens.

Blocks will be designed for your specific sport.

Price per group will vary depending on group size and number of weeks included.

Message or call us if interested.