Training Policies

Payment policy

All sessions must be paid in advance of appointment.

Arriving to a session without payment is grounds for an immediate cancellation of any scheduled session(s) and will be treated as a zero notice cancellation(see below). Payment may be made by cash or check. If a check bounces, a $35 inconvenience fee will be placed on your account to cover any banking fees. If you purchase a training package and wish to cancel training, we may issue you a refund for any unused training sessions pending on valid cancellation reasoning (medical/injury). Appointments already taken place cannot be refunded.

Late policy

If you arrive to your appointment late, you will be granted the remaining time left in scheduled session. After 15 minutes late, without notice, you will be considered as absent and the session will be cancelled.

Cancellation policy

A 24-hour cancellation policy will be strictly enforced. In order to cancel your session you must please make contact your trainer at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment start time.

24 hour notice will ensure you will be credited 100% toward your next session.

<24-12 hour notice will result in being charged 50% of your appointment fee, with the remaining 50% credited toward your next appointment.

<12 - 1 hour notice will result in 100% of your fee being charged.

Zero notice (includes any notice given within an hour of appointment time) will also result in 100% of appointment fee being charged. 2 zero notice events will most likely result in termination of client/trainer relationship. Outstanding credit will be returned.

Expiration policy

All trainings expire 90 days after purchase, unless previously agreed (in writing: email, letter, not text/chat formats)

Training at your gym policy

If session(s) take place at a gym, then a membership to that gym may be required. Any membership dues are your responsibility and are not covered with purchase of training services through Damien Roche Fitness fees unless otherwise agreed upon. If any required membership lapses and you arrive to a session but are unable to use their gym, the session may be canceled and will be treated as a zero notice cancellation. In this situation, it will then be your responsibility to renew your gym membership before scheduling more training sessions, or arrange to train in another venue, home or outdoors

Please ensure ahead of appointment that you have permission from your gym to work with your own trainer. If upon arrival you find out that you may not work with your trainer the session may be canceled and will be treated as a zero notice cancellation.

Pricing adjustment policy

Rates for services are subject to change. Current and recent clients will be given at least 30 days notice of such changes, and be given an opportunity to block purchase services at current pricing prior to increases are initiated.