Pre-Teen Edition: Ages 8-12

New Block


Saturday, Jan 13th at 8:30am

Improve on the basic building blocks for all sports, including:

  • Ability to move fast in a straight line.
  • Ability to accelerate.
  • ability to slow down.
  • Ability to change direction quickly, repeatedly and efficiently, while maintaining a stable posture and control.
  • Ability to perform strength and conditioning exercises with good form.

6 week block of progressive challenges and fun training sessions for just


...and reduce the risk of injury.

...and reduce the risk of injury.

Pre-Teen PACT core games

Pre-Teen PACT core games

All this during a 6 week block of fun activities, games and challenges focusing on improving movement patterns, agility, reaction times and of course strength and conditioning appropriate for this age group.

How do I get my Team to Train with you?

We can arrange for blocks of 4, 6 or 8 weeks, or we can set up a season of programming for your team or group. Just reach out and we can discuss your specific needs.

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