Damien’s Mission

Mary and Cindy working on lower back strength.

Mary and Cindy working on lower back strength.


My mission is to help people lead healthier and more rewarding lives by:

  • Providing clients with an experience that is fun, welcoming, friendly, challenging and safe.

  • Improving quality of workouts and quality of life by teaching all ages basic skills and techniques that will benefit them across a wide variety of activities.

  • Being an educational tool and resource for both clients and the whole community in terms of fitness, health and wellness.

  • Being one of the best fitness experts in Pike and neighboring counties.

  • Working hard to help clients identify and achieve their goals at every level.

  • Retaining clients long term by committing to continuing to improve.

  • Creating and sustaining an relationships that encourages the feedback and suggestions from both clients and peers.

  • Striving to be a profitable business, and investing heavily into continuing education, and staying ahead of the field.


You can Help.


Your feedback is the lifeline of this mission. Sharing your experience, both positive and negative, suggestions and observations, will help make this mission an ongoing success.

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