Check out this really useful Food Pyramid from fitness guru Ben Greenfield. It is one of the best breakdowns of what types of foods should be your largest portions and also a useful list of foods to avoid, to eat regulary and which foods you can get away with if you only have them infrequently. There's also a useful drink guide included too.


Is your sugar intake affecting you more than you think?

This is a great resource for finding out more about your sugar intake. You may be eating and drinking far more sugar than you think and certainly more than you need. This affects your mood, sleep, hormone regulation and also your belt size. This website may change your life, for the better.  If nothing else please invest a few hours on yourself, your health and the health of your family and watch the movie. There is a link in the site and its also free on Amazon Prime. Your days will be easier, happier, with more sustained energy levels and you will generally be a nicer person to be around if you control your sugar consumption and keep it down to an ideal level.

From post therapy exercise to Ironman training, Pike Physical Therapy's Endless pool caters for every fitness level. This is such a great local resource to have in Dingmans Ferry. ( located just across from the Ding. Del. school on Rt 739, ) Check out all their options on the link below.

Aquatic Fitness at NovaCare (formally Pike) Physical Therapy

Back in Balance: Complete Wellness

Sandy Partridge is an amazing asset to our local community. Not many professionals carry so many pieces of the whole package. Sandy's range of professional skills include:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Nutritionist Consultant
  • Licensed massage Therapist
  • Holistic Healthcare Provider

Check out her website here.

Action Bikes and outdoor

A great local resource for advice, and outdoor toys clothing and accessories, including kayaks, paddle boards and fat tire bikes. Pick up a pair of Darn Tough wool socks next time you drop in. You wont regret it. Damien Roche Fitness Members receive 10% off shoes and cleats.

Happy 100th Birthday to National Park Service

Find a park in your area or near your destination, check out trails or community and educational events for all ages.

All things cycling in the milford area

Blogs about route suggestions and descriptions, photos, and everything else cycling in our area.

Your guide to Hiking the catskills is a group effort of several experienced hikers of the region. Some members of the group have close to 50 years of experience of hiking in the Catskill Mountains. After thousands of hours of work, the site was officially lifted on August 7, 2009. And even so, it continues to be a work in progress. They continue to add hikes and information to the site. The mission of is to educate and help people enjoy and experience the Catskill Mountains better.

Make the most of The McDade Trail with the PONY

 This free shuttle covers the length of The McDade Trail. It will collect you and your kayak or bike and drop you back to your starting point or to another section.

This free shuttle covers the length of The McDade Trail. It will collect you and your kayak or bike and drop you back to your starting point or to another section.

Make use of the 30+ miles of McDade Trail along the river. Go as far as you'd like and let the Pocono Pony take you back to your starting point. Theycan pick you and your bike or kayak up so its perfect for anyone who wants to hike, bike or paddle new stretches of the trail or river.

Oh..and its FREE =)