I took my first workout class with Damien just about two years ago, and to this day continue to challenge myself on a weekly basis by attending his workout sessions. Sometimes as much as two and three times a week.

Damien has managed to inspire the best in me. His positive mental attitude, coupled with the wide range of workout sessions that he so passionately plans and presents us with every week, have helped me reach a potential I never imagined existed within me. His sessions are never without challenge or variations. I have taken his pool classes, super circuit training classes, and his outdoor boot camp classes and even though at times I was sore as hell, I am sore right now from Thursday’s workout, I have always walked out with a sense of accomplishment and feeling grateful for having Damien as my trainer.

Damien is a resilient, focused, enthusiastic individual with a passion to help influence others to live a healthier, happier, longer, life by adding some form or level of exercise to their lifestyle. He has certainly made a difference in my life!
— Rose Palermo, Milford, PA