There will be some changes to my fee structure moving forward for personal training and small group training. It’s been years since I have increased my rates, and in that time not only have the expenses of running a local small service business gone up, but demand for my services has grown considerably.

With this in mind, my rate for all new clients will be increasing from $69 to $85 per hour. Because of my current clients dedication and loyalty, and how much I love working with them, I ‘m pleased to offer them a grandfathered rate of $75 per hour moving forward.

This change will take place on Jan 31st, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

If you live in Birchwood Communty Lakes Association in Dingmans Ferry, ask about how you can receive a reduced rate on your in home training packages.

Your Coach


PS. Members at Pike Fitness Center will still be able to work with me. Pike membership has an added perk of onsite personal training at a reduced rate.3




Bootcamp Drop In $15



Personal Training

30 Minute P.T. Session $39

60 Minute P.T. Session $69

Personal Training x 10 sessions $650


Small Group Training: - 30 Minute Sessions

30 Minute Group Training-2 people $60 ($30ea)

30 Minute Group Training-3 people $80

30 Minute Group Training-4 people $100

30 Minute Group Training-5 people $125


Small Group Training: - 60 Minute Sessions

60 Minute Group Training-2 people $105

60 Minute Group Training-3 people $138

60 Minute Group Training-4 people $172

60 Minute Group Training-5 people $207

Sport Specific Team Training

Pricing structures can be arranged for team training, or small groups as part of a team with similar needs and goals.

Focusing on:




Basic movement breakdown

and addressing imbalances associated with your sport.

All of this leads to reduced risk of injury, increased efficiency, more enjoyment of training, and over all improvements in and outside the sport.

Fill out the contact form on the home page to arrange a consultation to discuss your teams needs.

 Swim Coaching

1 on 1

30 Minute Swim Lesson

45 Minute Swim Lesson

60 Minute Swim Lesson

10 Pack = Save 7%

2 Person Coaching

30 Minute Swim Lesson

45 Minute Swim Lesson

60 Minute Swim Lesson

10 Pack = Save 7%