Delaware Dancers at Damien Roche Fitness

We offer dance classes for Children and Adults. Starting at age 4 and up!

  • Fairy Tale Dance age 4-6 years old.
  • Beginner  Beginner-Ballet/ Tap Dance  age 6-8 years old.
  • Ballet & Jazz Combo 8-12 years old.
  • Teen Age  Jazz and Ballet.
  • Jazz Dance for Adults.
  • Hip Hop Classes.


Johanna LjungQvist- Brinson

Phone: 570 828 1441



About Delaware dancers


The founder, president, Dance teacher/Choreographer is Johanna LjungQvist- Brinson . She has a BFA in Dance and Teaching Dance . Her education includes a major in Education and Early Childhood Education, Psychology, Methodology, Pedagogy, Music Training, Physiology, Anatomy...

From The University of Dance in Stockholm, Sweden, she started dancing at 3 years old, and has taught & danced professionally for over 20 years in Sweden, Germany, Austria, England, Spain, France and USA.    

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  Johanna LjungQvist-Brinson’s skillful patterns in Equus bring out the best in her young Hanna Q Dance Company. She challenges her dancers lines to be elegant and their musicality to be sensitive, as they impress us with their enthusiasm and lightness in the air. There’s lots of promise here. 

By Christine Jowers

Dance Enthusiast Magazine


Fairy Tale Dance: ( Age 3-6 years old)

We will read a story, then sing and dance to interpret the story. The dance students will learn creative movements, while preparing for Ballet in a playful environment.

Saturdays 10:30 am - 11:30 am.

Beginner Prep- Ballet / Tap dance : ( 5-8 years old)

Students will learn and prepare for basics of Ballet. Floor Stretch. Then moving, jumping, leaping, skipping and practice dancing across the floor, diagonal and formations. This Class is half Tap Dance where we learn the basics of tap.


Beginner Ballet & Jazz Combo: ( 8-12 years old)

 We will continue learning Ballet technique at the barre' and  floor adding on movements. We will also learn Jazz Dance.

Teenage Jazz

Teenage Ballet

Adult Jazz Dance

Hip Hop Class. (8-15 years old. ) Saturdays 9:30 am - 10:30 am.

Please inquire for more information about classes.

Phone: 570 828 1441


Tuition per class: $ 15.00.

 Dialing in fundamentals at Damien Roche Fitness' studio

Dialing in fundamentals at Damien Roche Fitness' studio


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Delaware Dancers return to Damien Roche Fitness

In celebrating Delaware Dancers choosing Damien Roche Fitness as their home, our dancer's Guardians and Parents  also receive:

  • A $10 coupon for Damien Roche Fitness.
  • 30% OFF Damien Roche Fitness Day Pass while children are dancing upstairs.
  • 10% of Damien Roche Fitness membership. (Applies to new members only. T&C Apply)