We could not be more please to announce the launch of one of our member's very own Book. Dillon Lobban has been keeping us up-to-date over the last year on all his progress and some of the frustrating obstacles that are part of bringing a labor of love like this to fruition.

A little about the Author:

Dillon M. Lobban, EdD, fell in love with mathematics while serving as a police constable in the Jamaica Constabulary. He passed the University of London’s General Certificate of Education exams in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and physics.

Lobban received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Columbia University and holds master’s degrees in mathematics education and school administration and supervision. He taught mathematics in the New York City school system and was named supervisor of the year for Bronx, New York, in 1990. Lobban was also awarded the Diamond Fellowship to Teachers College Columbia University and completed his doctorate in education.

Lobban has worked as a consultant and taught a graduate course in mathematical pedagogy at the Institute for Literacy Studies at Lehman College at the City University of New York. He was a tenured assistant professor of mathematics at Passaic County Community College in Paterson, New Jersey, before retiring.


"In his book, Lobban lays out the solution of key two issues, the US precipitous decline in mathematics and science and the opportunistic implementation of Common Core and suggests practical solutions. He suggests scrapping the CCSS and default to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NTCM) Process Standards, with infusions of metric system elements. He argues for an immediate implementation of a ten-year country-wide phasing in of the metric system and the Celsius Scale while phasing out the USCS and the Fahrenheit scale.

Lobban’s book is written to be a resource for information, content and pedagogy for teachers and parents to bring joy and pleasure to mathematics and science. He advises parents how to become advocates for their children’s success in K-12 mathematics and science education." Extract from Amazon description. Click on link below for more.

If you are interested in previewing Dillon's book, just click here to get a more detailed description and even read some samples from the book. If interested in purchasing, we suggest you wait until this book launch to meet and greet with the author, and avail of an even better pricing on the day.

Check out Dillon's own website, A Metric America, here.