Sandy presents the 2nd in her series of Nutrition Workshops, 'Foods That Heal'

New date for this workshop is Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th at 1pm.

Do you feel worn-down, foggy-headed, cranky, have difficulty finding quality sleep, or controlling weight, frequent headaches, insatiable appetite for the wrong foods, and basically have no energy to enjoy life?...
If so you are not alone, and if your diet is mostly "dead" foods then you. With 70-90% of your immune cells found in your gut, why not learn how proper foods can help you and your loved ones heal, thrive and avoid disease.

Call or test Sandy at 862.266.4565 if interested in being added to the list.

Amazing value at just $10

Sandy Partridge,
Certified Nutriutional Consultant
Lic. Massage Therapist
Fitness Councelor