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Your New Favorite Interval Program :3-2-1 Training


Your New Favorite Interval Program :3-2-1 Training

If I told you you could replace a longer unexciting workout with a 12 minute interval training workout that is more fun, easier to stick to and over 6 weeks reap so many benefits, would you try it?

For example: an average runner over 8 weeks could shave almost 40 sec more off their 5k time than a control group that didn't replace some training sessions with this type of interval training.  Among other markers of improved health, most had  lower blood pressure after 8 weeks too.   It's not a complicated program and you don't need much to try it.  

A recent study from Denmark, described the benefits of this style of training. A New York Times reporter, Gretchen Reynolds, also wrote about the benefits of introducing such training into your week.  You should try it for your self this week and see if you like it.  

How to do it....  

Choose your activity, and do 30 sec at an easy pace, then increase the intensity to a moderate pace for 20 sec before going all out 100% sprint mode for 10 whole seconds.   

Repeat this protocol 5 times without resting between rounds.   

Then take a 2 min rest of almost no activity.  

Repeat the 5 mins again.  

One of the best things about this interval training session is that the toughest part is only 10 seconds.(half that of Tabata!) and there's a good recovery period before repeating it which allows for all out 100% intensity. 

This workout lends itself perfectly to the Concept2 rower. It also works well with Spinning or indoor cycling. Without using a timer you can still apply it to sports such as running and swimming by counting strides or strokes instead of seconds.  Try it yourself and let us know below how you did and what you think.   

On the rower you can count strokes or set it up for 30 sec repeats using the 'Time Interval Workout'.    

Can't wait to hear from you and find out how you applied this to your week.