I wanted to let you know of remind you of a trail clean up on one of our hidden local gems this weekend.  Almost wish it was a little more hidden so we wouldn't need to organize such an event.

Adams Falls Trail is a 1.5 mile trail, with one steep but manageable climb and four creek crossings so dress accordingly. It has an amazing pay off for the easy distance and effort. Check out the link below to see just how beautiful it can be, and also a map of where the trail head is.


I reached out to Bill Tagye, Facility Manager Maintenance Division yesterday to confirm this event is still happening as scheduled. He confirmed that it is and and this is his reply:

Thanks for your interest to participate in the volunteer clean up at Adams Creek. I got your email from your website. I am attaching two forms. One is the volunteer service agreement (fill out the yellow highlighted areas) and the other is a Job Hazard Analysis. If possible, fill out the forms prior to Saturday. If not we will have forms available at the site. 

We are meeting at 0900 at the trail head. Depending on the size of the group we should be done by 1PM.  

Bill also emailed me some forms that all volunteers will need to fill out before they begin. 

I can email them to anyone if they want to save time on the day. 

This might be a great way to meet with some like minded people and make connections, perhaps find some new hiking buddies.