I would like to take a moment and thank every single person, near and far who has supported me and our team in the great adventure that was Damien Roche Fitness Center. A special thank you goes to my wife and kids, whose support made all of this possible.

There have been so many magical moments, client successes, "Fun" classes as well as fun classes. Of course, I have to express my gratitude to all our team members who really were the driving force behind nurturing such a comfortable training environment for all members of our community. I have not been in many fitness centers than can be as welcoming to such a diverse population, from students to seniors and from teen athletes to post physical therapy out patients. I have to take a moment to praise and applaud each of our staff and instructors for their role in creating such a comfortable place for people to enjoy. It takes a lot of work in the background to create such an environment, and one with consistent 5 star reviews from day one. Our excellent team made it look effortless.

Every person who walked through the doors had their own story and thank you to all who shared some of theirs with us, and allowed us to help add to their story in positive ways. It is you guys who made Damien Roche Fitness Center such a unique experience for our members and our team.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to lead and to work alongside all of you.  You gave me as much as you received, and then some. Going forward, it is reassuring to know that under Don and Regina Hubbard, Pike Fitness Center will continue to serve our special caring community and your favorite staff, instructors and classes will continue to be some of the best parts of your day. I look forward to supporting Pike Fitness Center as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and maybe I will even carve out some time to participate in classes with you ;)

As this chapter ends, we say farewell to Damien Roche Fitness Center, and excitedly await the next chapters of #DamienRocheFitness and Pike Fitness Center (same number 570.6869496, pikefitness.com).

Thank you ALL,

Yours gratefully,

Damien Roche