It’s National Pi Day, (March 14th) so here at Damien Roche Fitness we came up with a Pi Daywork out for you. If you are a true fan of Math you may want to start this workout at 1:59pm this afternoon. (3.14 1 59 ....) For everyone else, just warm up and get this 15 Minute (approx) Bodyweight workout in whenever suits you. This workout will hit most of your muscle groups and get your heart rate up there. The movements are bodyweight only, right up to the Warrior Makers (often called Man Makers). If you have no weights close sub in Atomic Push-ups. These will be extra tough coming just after that AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible/Pretty) 

Pi Day Workout.  

Pi Day Workout.  

So warm up well and stretch appropriate for your body’s needs.  Make sure you are adequately hydrated before you begin and take sips as needed throughout. 

Pi Day Workout

3 Minutes:  

Challenge yourself and do as many as you can of each of the following exercises for 30 sec each, And them repeat them one more time before moving on  

  • Ladder Climbers
  • Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers

1 Minute: 

Plank, add Shoulder Taps if you can manage it without tilting your torso to do so. Wider foot stance makes this easier so choose a width that’s difficult to control.  

4 Minutes: 

Each of the following exercises are for 1 Minute each. Break it up into 30 second intervals to make it a little easier to maintain good form. Repeat, to make up 4 minutes.  

1 Minute:

Wall Squat

Make sure your heels are directly below your knees for this one. Try to get your hips as close to level with your knees as you can hold for one full minute.  

5 Minute A.M.R.A.P.  

Repeat 5 repititions of each of the following exercises  once completed, repeat, again and again until your 5 minutes are up. Aim to get as many rounds as possible completed. 

  • Squats  
  • Push ups  
  • Crunches  


Warrior Makers.  

Select 2 weights that are difficult to press overhead. 9 reps at the end of this workout should be very tough, so challenge yourself but don’t go so heavy that form suffers  

If you are unfamiliar with this excellent exercise, here is a description. (Will add a vid later)  

  • Place weights by feet.
  • Place hands beside them.
  • Send legs out behind you into a tall plank.  
  • Do a push up.  
  • Pick up one weight and row your elbow toward your hip, and try to get it higher than your back. Do this without tilting your torso.  
  • Return the weight slowly to the floor. 
  • Return your hand to the floor. 
  • Repeat with the other side and carefully return hand to floor. 
  • Pull feet in close to hands. 
  • Drop hips down and raise chest up so you are in a deep squat position. 
  • Pick up both weights and bicep curl them up directly over your elbows, while remaining in the deep squat.  
  • As soon as your forearms are vertical, push the floor down and using your hip drive send those weights all the way over head.   
  • Lower your elbows, while keeping your forearms vertical.  
  • Squat down and return weights to the floor near your feet. 

Thats one rep !!  

Do 8 more.