Body Weight Workout: SuperSet Format

(You must warm up and stretch appropriately for these exercises and for your body's needs. Modify for any injury or limitations accordingly. )

Pair up the following exercises and perform them back to back repeatedly before moving on to the next pair.  (Gymboss is a free timer app which is great for workouts such as this.)

Superset Format looks like this:

Exercise A 40 Sec

Exercise B 40 Sec

Recovery 15 Sec


Repeat again

Add another 60 to 90 sec recovery break here before moving on to the next pair. 

Pair 1

A) Jump Jacks
B) Squats

Pair 2

A) Crunches
B) Ladder Climbs

Pair 3

A) Alternating Lunges
B) Atomic Push ups

Pair 4

A) Military Mountain Climbers (knee to outside of elbow)
B) Russian Twists

Pair 5

A) Plank Jacks /or foot lifts without tilting body
B) High Knees with fast pumping elbows, core engaged

30 burpees /or inchworms
For time. 
Rest as needed but do not stop the clock until last rep is finished.

As always... Listen to your body... and proper form rates higher than speedy reps.

Do them perfectly, then add speed and strength to the perfect rep.

In the comments below let us know both your favorite pair and your least fav.