Strength Training may be more important to your quality of life and independent living than you think. If staying younger, for longer is something that interests you, then don’t wait until the effects of aging begins to limit your options. Strength training can reverse a lot of the symptoms, aches and pains often associated with aging. Even though there are massive benefits to making regular strength training a part of your weekly routine while young, do not worry if it isn’t something you have done up until now. Done correctly, you can reap rewards in a very short time.

Muscle burns calories.

Increasing how much muscle mass you have will increase your metabolism. (muscle tissue will burn calories, even while you sleep) 



Other Benefits:

⬆️ balance, stability, and other fall prevention skills

⬆️ increased injury proof

⬇️ lower resting blood pressure

⬇️ reduces risk of stroke

⬆️ improves sleep quality


⬇️ decreases symptoms of depression

➡️ stabilizes blood sugars, and energy levels

⬇️ decreases risk of diabetes

⬇️ reduces amounts of visceral fats on vital organs (this is a very good thing!)

⬆️ improves rates of survival of cancer treatment

⬇️ lowers chances of tendinitis

⬆️ better coordination & balance.

⬆️ improved mental health

⬇️ reduces anxiety

⬆️ improved confidence and body image

⬇️ reduces risk of osteoporosis, and slows its progression

⬆️ increases lifespan (and quality of that lifespan)

⬆️ improves brain function and memory.

Oh and

⬆️ increases muscle mass.

As well as ⬆️ improved cholesterol. 

It is also fun.

Is there any reason, you can come up with, not to include strength training in your week ?


Not sure where to begin? Reach out, and we can arrange a training session.

If you are local, we can meet at #PikeFitnessCenter or in your own home. Or ask me about online training.