If you are missing your fav class tonight, why not try this workout. You can do this almost anywhere, with minimal equipment. 

Grab a friend and share the experience.  



Superset Format 

40sec : 40sec : 15sec rest.

3 times.

60-90sec rest/dynamic stretch

Then move on to next superset pair. 

As with any workout, take the time to warm up properly and stretch according to your body's needs.  

Hydrate before during and after.  

Adjust rest times if needed, but note these changes do you can see your improvements next time  

1) High knees / Body saws

Suggestion: use Paper plates or a towel on a wood or tiled floor instead of Gliders  

2) Low jacks / Band bicep curls 

3) Push ups / Speed squats

4) Alternating Lunges / Mountain climbers 

5) Burpees /  3 point plank




For extra accountability and to compare this workout with the same 4 weeks from now, draw out a record sheet and note your reps.  Share your proudest achievements in the comments below.  Next time you try this you will have numbers to crush.