For Time:


- 500m Row

- 50 Plank Rows

  (25 pair, no tilting!)

- 50 Over Head Press Sit Ups

This one is inspired from one of our Concept 2 Workouts of the Week. (Week #6) Shortened to a single round instead of 5 rounds, and choosing far heavier weights, that animal becomes a very different animal.  The key here is to choose the heaviest weights that you can maintain good form and just about make the full reps.

Going against the clock is what takes this one to the next level.  


Record your time . From start of first row until the full completion of the 50th Sit Up. Do not stop the clock for any rest time you may take.


Revisit this one on a regular basis and aim to get a Personal Best each time.  

In the comments below, record your time and the weights you used for both the Plank Rows and Sit Ups.

Have Fun.