It doesn't need to be complicated.


It doesn't even need to be physical. 

But ask yourself what it is that you want.

Then figure out WHY you really want it. 

Your WHY, will keep you on track long after the initial momentum fades.  


Then choose to do one action today, or even to eliminate one action today, to help your tomorrow be a step closer to Your Goal. 

It can be overwhelming, but it doesn't need to be.  The good decisions each day are the wins.  The progress reports along the way are the wins. Don't place all the success on accomplishing your goal. Celebrate each win along the way.

Ask for help. 

Everybody needs and benefits from help. Your mentors and icons have all asked and received help. They still need help. Don't Not ask.   

Our team at #DamienRocheFitness can certainly help you clarify what you want and how to make steps toward getting the results you want.  Or reach out to anyone who has inspired you. They may love to know that you are motivated to improve because of them. 

Decide to take charge today, as it hasn't happened by accident yet and probably won't at this stage.  


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