Before We Continue...

It’s time to take a brief moment and pat ourselves on the back. We made a simple commitment a week ago and we are already seeing improvements, enjoying the social accountability and learning a thing or two about ourselves. It’s no small thing.


Well done.


Be proud. 


Day 8.

In a lot of ways we are going back to basics here.

No high speed reps,

or all out max reps...

In fact we will be following Day 2's format fairly closely. Click here if you feel you now might gain some more value from rereading the tips and advice there.

We cant have you getting bored though, so there is of course going to be a little difference today.

Here's what to do:

  • Choose the toughest version of Push Up, you think you will be able to perform well. (You can decide after you read this.)
  • Get into your starting position.
  • Imagine a line drawn just ahead of your finger tips.
  • Keeping your left hand where it is, slide your right hand forward, so the heel of your right hand is just ahead of that imaginary line.
  • Perform just 5 of your best form Push Ups. Keep it steady, not too fast.
  • Slide your right hand back to it's original position.
  • Slide your left hand forward just like you did with the right.
  • Do 5 of your best.
  • Repeat these steps until you reach a stage where you can not complete a set of 5.
  • Do not switch to an easier Push Up. Take a break here instead. At least 2 minutes, but as much more as you want/need before stepping back in. Quality is Priority.
  • Repeat until you have completed 100 Offset Push Ups with great technique. Remember...We don't count the bad ones.

Note: If using stairs, simply place one hand on the next step up. Your elbow will want to track outward away from your body but do not let it, unless your hand stance is very wide. Your elbow should never be allowed to go wider than your hand. If it does, you are making your position weaker than if your elbow is directly over your hand when you go to push, as well as increasing the risk of injury to your elbow.