Some of you will enjoy this one. Again choose the toughest version of Push Up that you will maintain good form with. Good form includes full range of movement. Aim for those 90 degree elbow bends and horizontal upper arms, or as close to it as your mobility allows. Today's challenge will need you to be mindful of your full range of movement.  Warm up well. Its always a good idea to use arm swings, dynamic stretching and lighter versions of your work as the warm up.

The common theme of our 30 Day Challenge is QUALITY, so I will mention how important it is again. Very Important. The most important thing. To the point that if you do a poor rep, I would encourage you not to count it and do it again.

Today's Challenge

Alex Tormos shows us how what speed and power look like when combined with perfect form. Alex' stamina and endurance here is most impressive. Today's goal is to find out how many seconds and reps we can perform like this before failure. Once we know it, we can work on crushing it.

  • Start timer.
  • Do as many Push Ups, as fast as you can before form and speed fail.
  • Stop the timer and record the reps and the time.
  • Take at least a 5 minute break. (or come back to it later today or when ever it suits)
  • Repeat this until you have totaled 100 Push Ups
  • Share your totals with the group if you like.

Do not aim to do this in the fewest rounds possible. Today's mission, and win is Speed and Power. Once it fades, stop and rest.

Unlike Day 2's challenge, strategic rests have no part to play here. It is 100% max until you simple cant keep pace. Then stop. Don't force another rep if it cannot be done with speed and power.

To all my regular circuit training crew.... you will get a chance to have this challenge wrapped up by end of our 9:15am Circuit class.