I couldn’t leave you guys hanging on New Year’s Eve with an empty void in your day.  

So here’s a bonus mini workout for you using your newly attained and hard earned push up and plank super powers. 



20 sec work, 10 sec active rest

x 8 rounds.  

Use the free Gymboss app for easiest tracking of your time and rounds. 

Exercise 1

Plank Shoulder Taps.  

Exercise 2  

Speed Squats  

Exercise 3  

Push Ups ( moo haw haw )  

Exercise 4

Jumping Jacks Or Ladder Climbers

Choose 1, no switching once you begin.  

Warm up well. 

60-90 sec between exercises.  


Happy New “You” everybody.  

Great job getting a fantastic head start on your 2018 goals.