Hands up who is a little sore?

Me Too!

Pain is not the goal here, but I would be surprised if you aren't even a little but tender and find yourself poking your finger at sore spots during your day.
A little pain is normal. As your body adapts to this new workload it won't hurt as much as your first few days. Pay attention to abnormal pain and don't risk hurting yourself for the sake of a 30 day challenge. Listen to your bodies and feel free to take a day off or stopping along the way. Recovery time is when the magic happens. Eating well, and sleeping well help speed up recovery. Even so, sometimes, we may need to just take a day off. I know you wont want to, but recognizing when to step out can be a giant step forward in your strength and fitness progress.  If you feel like a recovery day during this challenge, do not skip a day. Instead, step back in on the next one. 
Reach out to me if you have any concerns.
Well done to everyone so far.

Changing the pace today. The last 3 days gave us an idea of where we are. We will test again later in this challenge and see where we will be then. Now it's time to dial it back a little and focus on great technique, and adequate recovery.

Day 4: What to do?

  • Choose the toughest form of Push Up that you can do well. Refer to Day 2's modification suggestions.
  • Focusing on form, decide to do between 5 to 10 of them.
  • If possible, lower yourself a little slower than your normally would.
  • Inhale as you drop.
  • Push the ground away with a little more power and pace than you normally would.
  • Exhale as return to start position.

Note: A Push Up is a moving Plank so try to keep everything engaged for these small batches of quality.

Take as much time to recover as you need before repeating. If you are doing a challenging version of your Push Ups, 2 minutes is the minimum rest time between your small batches of quality push ups. I suggest taking much more than you think you need, to avoid form failure in later batches.

Because you are doing 100 of them.

Take all day if you need to. If it's late in the day before you get to this, don't rush to get 100 in. 20 done perfectly is better than making the numbers up.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be training with The Sarge this morning, in Kettle Bell Amp'd, my suggestion is to emphasize the slow descents, with maybe a 4 count down, 1 count up. No doubt Deb will ensure, however you incorporate the challenge, it will be "Fun Fun Fun"