Welcome to your last Plank day of this challenge. 4 weeks completed already. Well done to everyone who has made it this far.   

Today’s is a tough one of course. It combines a lot of the work we have already done.... Plank Jacks and assisted single arm push ups with both forearm and tall plank.  


The Roche plank is different to most of the others we have done so far, in that we willl not be holding either of the tall or forearm plank for any duration.

The focus on today’s challenge will be in maintaining a solid technique as you move upward and in returning to the floor.

Keep your corset muscles engaged. 

Keep your spine’s natural curves with no extra bending or sagging as you change from one to the other. 

Minimal tilt of torso as you raise and lower yourself.  

Today’s Challenge: 

40 sec Roche Plank 

20 sec rest.  

Repeat for as many rounds as you can hold good form.