Keeping it simple today. Not easy, just simple.

Choose the toughest form of push up in which you can maintain a solid form for a full 25 reps with no rest. This may mean taking it to a higher step or a counter, and that is ok.  The goal here is all the reps in one go with good form.  If 25 seems too much, drop it to 5 sets of 20, but as the goal here is sustained effort for many reps, with perfect form (worth repeating this often!!) do not do less than 20. Minimal of 4 minutes break between sets but feel free to spread the sets out over hours.

Alternatively if 25 seems too easy, choose to do a far tougher version... Elevate your feet, single legs, off set, assisted single arms.... whichever you choose. Just make sure it fits the rep range above, without a break....with perfect form.


Merry Christmas to you all.