Today choose the toughest form of push ups you can perform well. 

Do as many as you can with perfect form.  

Once form fades, stop.  

Take a 1 Minute Recovery.   

Repeat until all 100 perfect form push ups are achieved.  

Later rounds may have much smaller reps in them. That’s ok. 1 min recovery may not be enough as the rounds go on but keep it to just 1 Minute.  

Later rounds may call for a modification to your choice of Push Up.  That’s ok.

Quality over Reps.  

Challenge yourself.  

Let us see how you are doing, and where you are doing your 30 day challenge... share you photos with us. Copy and paste these hastags for your social media posts #DamienRocheFitnessChallenge #DamienRocheFitness or simply email them to