Begin in forearm plank. I like to position my arms folded so fists are close to elbows for this one. 

Slowly take the weight off one forearm, without tilting, rotate to one side so shoulders and elbows are stacked on top of each other. Control and quality is vital so only rotate as far as you can maintain a solid plank but Do aim to stack shoulders and elbows above each other.  Slowly return to starting position. The breaking action is important in helping with strength gains so don’t just flop back to the start. 

Repeat on other side. 


Hips and shoulders rotate as a single unit. Do not allow the plank to fail while rotating. 

Aim for 45 sec of slow rotations, 20 sec rest, x 3 times. 

Take longer breaks if needed so you can maintain quality.  

For more of a challenge, go for a minute, and add a forth round. 

Take more rest time if needed to maintain a quality 45 sec.