Just like the song, each ‘day’ add the new exercise and then repeat each of the previous ‘day’s’ exercises. 

Make this more fun by competing against the clock. 



Warm up and dynamic stretch well before hand. 

Start timer.   

Do 1st Day (Renegade Row,)

Then 2nd Day, followed by 1st Day.  

Them 3rd Day, followed by 2nd, then 1st again.....  

...you get the idea.  

so the 12th round will begin with the Roche Planks and ends after the Rengade Row

Stop timer after your 12th round.  

Check out the video to see a brief demo of each of the exercises. 


Most of these exercises require just your body weight. One set of medium to heavy dumbbells is needed and a mat is advised. Choose a weight that's difficult to press over head.