Similar to Day 4, we are going to slow things down today and really focus on form. Today's challenge will be in the slow drop towards the ground.  Like day 4, we will keep set sizes small, 5 reps recommended,( no more than 10 at a time.) Take as much recovery between sets as you like. Take all day if you want. The goal is top quality form, without speeding up or loosing form.

Today's Challenge:

  • Choose the toughest version of Push Up, you think you can maintain for the whole challenge.
  • Using a stopwatch or timer, aim for a 4 second (tough) to an 8 second (very tough) down phase.
  • Exhale as you push the ground away with speed and power, as fast as you can each rep.
  • Pause at the top briefly if you want.
  • Repeat for 5 reps.

Take at least 2 min recovery between sets but feel free to take more. Spread them out over the whole day if you prefer. There is no focus here on completing all 100 in any time frame. The focus, is quality form, strength gains from the breaking action of descending slowly, and power gains from forcing the ground away as fast as you can each rep.

Enjoy the change of pace.