Today we are revisiting the 3 point of contact tall plank at a little faster pace.
Quality form is more important than speed.
Instead of extending arms out straight in line with your body, today simply bend your elbow and touch your shoulder gently.
Do so without tilting hips or shoulders. Imagine that bowl full of water on your not spill it.
Return hand gently to the floor. If you can not  control the landing, make it a less challenging version.

Focus on quality form. No tilting. Widen foot stance to make it more manageable. Aim to edge feet closer together, without having to tilt your torso.

Today's Mission

1 Minute:
Dial in your form and minimizing the tilt. If too easy, challenge yourself by bringing feet closer to each other. If too difficult make it so its challenging but still manageable.
1 Minute Rest

1 Minute:
Maintaining good form, add a little more pace. Land hands gently back to the ground or stairs or counter that you are using.
1 Minute Rest

1 Minute:
As many pairs as you can manage with good form. If it wasn't good form, they do not count. Rest in the tall plank position. Do not drop to knees to break if you can avoid it.

Do Not perform this plank from a kneeing position. Be on your feet, but you can choose your difficulty level by having your hands on a raised surface such as the stairs or counter top.


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