Back to focusing on Speed today.

For best results, use a Tabata Timer, that will beep the time intervals so you don't have to distract from your work by looking at the clock.  As the rounds go by you will feel like the timer is slowing down for the work 20s and speeding up for the rest 10s. There are many free tabata timers in your app store or online. I use the free GymBoss Timer as Tabata comes already loaded and its a great tool for other timers (like Thursdays evening's  Superset Circuits )

What is Tabata?

  • Do as much quality work as you can, at as high an intensity as you can for 20 seconds.
  • Rest for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat 8 times.

Then typically you will do another exercise.

But for today's challenge, after you complete 8 rounds, take a 2 min break then repeat from the start, until 100 Push Ups are complete.

Note: You will not sustain quality at your toughest version for very long. So as soon as you begin slowing down, drop to an easier level and keep going for speed and quality. After every 10 sec always begin again with the toughest one you can do in that moment, even if its just one or two before modifying.

Warm up well before you begin your first 4 minutes.

If you want to keep track of your round scores for future reference, draw out an 8 block grid before hand to save you valuable time during your 10 sec recovery. Note the types and numbers of your modifications to so you can use it to compare another time.

This is not a pleasant one. But afterwards, it will feel like it ended very quickly. Its a completely different awfulness to yesterdays mental battles.

If you complete your 100 before you finish your first 8 rounds...well done...but do finish those first 8 rounds to the best of your ability.


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