Yesterday's challenge was tough but brief. Today's will be tough but not so brief.

Remember this 30 Days of challenges is about choosing the toughest version of push up that you can do correctly on that given day. As you are getting stronger, do try a tougher version for a few reps. You might surprise yourself. Also you do have permission to dial it back to a more modified version if need to. 10 days in and it is normal to need a recovery day, especially if you spent some time shoveling snow last night or this morning.


Today we are doing single leg push ups. .

  • Perform 5 perfect form Push Ups with right foot raised a little off the floor.
  • Place foot down and do 5 more with both feet on the ground.
  • Raise left foot slightly and do 5 more.
  • 5 more with both feet down.
  • Repeat until 100 total push ups are done.

Quality is the focus here, so take recover breaks before you need to. Rest after each 5, 10 or 20 as you feel form is suffering. The goal is not to complete with minimal rests or in the shortest time. If you take rests after every 5 push ups and get to 100 with near perfect form, you walk away with an excellent win.

For today's challenge, do not modify by going to the knees. Choose to keep both feet on the ground or choose the stairs, counter or wall for a version that's challenging to you.

Do NOT do single leg push ups resting on one knee.