Heart disease is the biggest killer in the world today. Most of these deaths are preventable by simply monitoring your heart health and keeping active during your day and making some good decisions with your meal plan 

World heart day is  September 22nd.

What will you do between now and then to promote you and your own heart health...

Some simple suggestions....

Learn one new exercise this week.  

Learn one new exercise this week.  

- Take the stairs instead of lift.

- Park further away than you need to. 

- Introduce one more piece of fruit to your day. 

- Take a new exercise class.

- Learn one new exercise this week.

Take a hike

Take a hike

- Hike a new trail or park.

- Create a themed social gathering (picnic, party)  and have everyone bring their favorite healthy snack.

- Join a great local gym and soak up some tips and advice from experienced trainers and staff and other members with similar likes and goals.  

Try a new class.  

Try a new class.  

Small changes to your day and week can make a significant difference to your overall heart health, and to that of your families.  

To find out more about World Heart Day click on this link 

What ideas do you have? Share below in the comments.