The countdown continues.  

12 Days.  

12 Workouts.

3rd Day

Commit to these short but effective workouts and begin to feel and see results in just 12 Days.

The Workout

The third day of The Damien Roche Christmas Workouts looks like this:  

1) 40 Jump Jacks

2) 35 Squats

3) 30 Crunches

4) 25 pair Ladder Climbs

5) 20 alternating Lunges

6) 15 Push ups

7) 14 Mountain Climbers (pair)

8) 13 Russian Twists (pair)

9) 12 Plank Jacks / or 12 pair of foot lifts

10) 11 High Knees (Pair)

11) 10 burpees /or inchworms

What do I do ? 

After your warm up and stretching, start a timer and race through these exercises....


As soon as you finish your last rep of the 2nd round stop the timer and record your result.

Rest as needed but do not stop the clock until you are finished. Your result will include any rest time taken. 

Post your times in comments below, add some of your own photos or screen shots if you like.




As always.... you know your own body. Stretch, hydrate and challenge yourself accordingly. 


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