The countdown continues.  

12 Days.  

12 Workouts.

2nd Day

Commit to these short but effective workouts and begin to feel and see results in just 12 Days.

After yesterdays full body workout, today we are going to mix it up by pairing a Cardio exercise with a Core exercise in a Super Set format, similar to our Friday morning class.  This will challenge you to push through that last time without full recovery. It will be tough but knowing its the last time will help you get it done well.


This will take you 19 minutes if you follow the 30:30 guidelines.

For a more challenging workout make it 40 sec or 45 sec intervals.

Forearm Plank

Forearm Plank

The Workout

Pair 1

Exercise A: Squats   V   Exercise B: Side Plank - Left

Pair 2

Exercise A: Speed Jacks   V   Exercise B: Slow Bicycle Crunches

Pair 3

Exercise A: Alternating Prisoner Lunges   V   Exercise B: Side Plank-  Right

Pair 4

Exercise A: Squat Thrusts   V   Exercise B: Fore Arm Plank


What do I do ? 

Perform each pair of exercises 3 times before moving on to the next pair.

Do not break between each exercise but do take a 15sec break between each pair, before repeating them.


Exercise A for 30 sec

Exercise B for 30 Sec

Rest for 15 sec

Repeat this pair 3 times

Rest 1 full minute

Move on to next pair of exercises and repeat.



You know your body better than anyone. Warm up well and specific to the movements involved in this workout. Cool down and stretch appropiately too.

Enjoy. Share with us how you felt and how great you did. What was your least favorite?

What pair of exercises would you choose to put together? Let us know in the comments below.

Send this workout to someone you think would love it, and bookmark it for future use in case you cant get to the gym on a certain day.