This is it.  

The countdown has begun.  

Lets dive right in with a count down of our own.   

12 Days.  

12 Workouts.  

Commit to these short but effective workouts and begin to feel and see results by Christmas Day. 

All you have to do is tell someone you are in so you are no longer just accountable to yourself, and then commit to challenging yourself each workout. 

Simple, right?!  


The Workout

The first day of The Damien Roche Christmas Workouts looks like this:  

1) Jump Jacks  

2) Push Ups 

3) Squats  

4) Plank Jacks  

5) Ladder Climbers  

6) Lunge: Left Leg  

7) Crunches

8) Low Jacks

9) Plank with Shoulder Taps 

10) Mountain Climbers

11) Lunges: Right Leg

12) Burpees

What do I do ? 

Today's workout will take you either 20 mins or 42 mins. 

Perform two sets of these 12 exercises. 

Round 1: 

Every minute do 45 seconds of the exercise followed by 15 second break before beginning the next exercise.   

Round 2: 

Round 2 follows round 1 immediately. Do not rest longer than the 15sec. In round 2 each exercise repeats every 40 seconds. 

30 sec of exercise. 

10 sec rest.  

Fast and hard to finish.  

If you feel up to it, repeat  both rounds again after 2 minutes of active recovery. Make it more fun by counting your reps and trying to beat your numbers the 2nd time around.




You know your body better than anyone. Warm up well and specific to the movements involved in this workout. Cool down and stretch appropiately too.

Enjoy. Share with us how you felt and how great you did. What was your least favorite?

Send this workout to someone you think would love it, and bookmark it for future use in case you cant get to the gym on a certain day.

 12 Days of Christmas Workouts.

12 Days of Christmas Workouts.