Here's a fast workout for you to try at home. It's can also be used as a measure of your fitness. Repeat it  to beat it as your fitness increases.

AMRAP : As Many Rounds As Possible 





Go through all these exercises as listed and repeat the whole set as often as possible in ten minutes.  

As always, warm up well and stretch afterwards. modify exercises as needed. ( let is know below in the comments if you did so others can get ideas of what substitutions to make.) Listen to your body and have fun.  Let us kow how you do.  

If you want to do more than this, take a small rest and continue with this next phase.  


Pair up the following exercises and repeat the pairs before moving to the next pair.  

  1. Ladder Climbers
  2. Tall Plank with foot lifts


  1. Full Body Extensions  
  2. Squat hold


  1. Burpees  
  2. Plank with shoulder taps  

Try 30 sec or 40 sec each exercise. 

Take no break between pairs.  

Take 15 sec break between repeats of the set.  

Take a longer break before starting the next superset pair.  

Repeat each pair twice or 3 times before moving on to next pair.  


Have fun.  

Let us know how you do in the comments below . 

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