Let's not allow this weather to get in the way of our training. Here is a body weight workout that you can do anywhere. 

Phase 1 follows Tabata format (20:10) This means 20 seconds as intense as you can make it, followed by 10 seconds of active rest. Repeat this 8 times, making it 4 minutes of rounds.  

Take 1 minute for active recovery before beginning the next exercise.

Hydrate as you go and make sure you warm up using lighter versions of the moves you will be doing in these exercises. Use dynamic stretching to further protect you from injury.  

Body weight / do anywhere Workout

Body weight / do anywhere Workout


Phase 1 will take 20 mins.  Modify any exercise you need to, add more rest time between exercises if you need to. Challenge yourself but you know your body and so push back but respect it's limits. Record your reps each round and try to beat them.  Record the numbers so in a month you can destroy today's scores.  

Phase 2 is for anyone who is now into it and want to keep going.  Take a minimal break after the Tabata and get started on Phase 2 as soon as you can.  

Cool down and stretch once you are finished. Having a healthy prepared snack ready to go for when you are finished will speed up muscle recovery times.  

Phase 1


  1. Push-ups 
  2. Squats  
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Burpees

Phase 2 

    2 Minute Plank
    40 Mountain Climbers  
    50 Jumping Jacks  
    40 Alternating Lunges  
    2 Min Wall Squat