Revisiting Day 4 here. Check the link for details.


On Day 4 we held each 3 points briefly for 3-5 sec before switching.   

Today we hold the position for 5, 10, 15 or 20 sec depending on your ability to maintain a quality plank and a slow transition from one side to the other with minimal tilting.  

Begin in tall plank position, hold for your choosen time , 

Slowly raise right arm straight out in front so elbow is by ear. Hold arm outstretched for your time sec, and slowly lower hand back to the ground.

Hold tall plank, and repeat with left.  

Take your time in transitions and begin conting once you reach the end point of the movement.  

Tall plank, right arm extended, tall plank, left arm extended is one cycle.

Level 1

Holds are for 5 sec., x 4 cycles. 

Level 2  

Holds are for 5 sec, x 8 cycles 

Level 3

Holds are for 10 sec, x 4

Level 4

10 sec x 8

Level 5

15 sec x 4

Level 6

15 sec x 8

Level 7

20 sec x 4

Level 8

20 sec x 8 cycles  

Remember it's quality or worthless. 

Challenge yourself.