Last day.  

Congrats to everyone who made time for themselves and managed to commit to the full 30 days. My goal here was to challenge you and show you alternative ways to challenge the core without just adding more time each day. Some of these will suit you better than others and some will be more challenging than others. Some of you can perform planks every single day, while others will need a recovery day cycled in.  As your core strength develops, lots of other activities and daily tasks get easier. Hopefully some of you have noticed this in the parts of your day that does not involve planks. If so please comment below and let me know.

Proud of you all. Thanks for joining in my fun and for all the feedback as we went. 


Now for today's fun. 

Tabata format, so 20 sec plank:10 sec rest 

Look at the list of the below planks and decide which ones you are going to do today.

Perform 2 rounds of each before moving to your next choice. 

You can rearrange them in any order you like, but you have to perform both rounds of the same plank back to back. 

10 sec break between all rounds, both between the rounds of the same plank, and for the transition to the next plank.

Tip: Write out your choices before you begin so you do not have to worry about it mid flow.

List your choices and sequence in the comments below.


1) 2 points of contact Plank (forearm or tall) 

2) Forearm Plank with alternating random mix of Foot and hand lifts (hold just briefly) - Day 4

3) Shoulder Tap Plank - Day 10

4) Plank Jacks - Day 11

5) Plate Pike Plank - Day 19

6) Roche Plank - Day 25

7) Side Plank with Hip Drops - Day 9

8) Up & Down Plank - Day 8

9) Plank Reach Under  - Day 29

10) Side Plank Rotations - Day 16

11) Extended Plank walk outs - Day 12

12) Body Saws - Day 15

13) Plank Rows - Day 21

12) Side Plank  - Day 5

Level 1:

Choose 4 of your most challenging Planks. This will take 4 Minutes. 

Level 2: 

Choose 6

Level 3:

Choose 8

Level 4: 

Choose 10

Level 5

Perform the entire list, in any sequence you prefer.


Well Done 

Thank you all for participating and motivating others with your comments and post. You guys inspired others to challenge themselves, more than you know. 



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