Plank Jacks Are Tough! 

Now that that is out there here is how  to do them .... 

Check back on Day 3 and Day 6 for the basics. Plank Jacks are the next level up from the I to Y Plank once it is perfected. 

Plank Jacks are like horizontal Jumping Jacks.  For today's challenge, forearms remain on the floor. Starting with feet side by side, hop up and land with feet apart.  Make sure your plank form remains solid and hips remain in line from head to heels. Begin with small hops and increase the distance between feet each jump until you find your limit.  Do not aim to hop high. Speed is not important either but a steady out and in pace is good. 


Today we are using the Tabata format of 20 sec of Plank Jacks with 10 sec of rest.  



Level 1 

Day 3's alternating foot lifts x (aim for) 8 rounds. 

Level 2  

Day 6's 'I to Y' plank x (aim for) 8 rounds. 

Level 3  

Plank Jacks x 4 rounds. Take longer than 10 sec break if needed in order to keep perfect form. 

Level 4  

Plank Jacks x 8 rounds.  

Level 5  

Plank Jacks x 10-12 rounds of perfect form .