This plank is a real challenge but it's a complement to everyone who has stayed the course the last 4 weeks (almost!). To be able to hold a two point position with any measure of control is extremely tough, and complicated from a nervous system point of view. The fact that you guys won't find it as impossible is a tribute to your consistancy and to the fact that ye are more in tune with your body than the average person. So you are winning already 😃👍


Today we are going to begin in forearm plank. Without tilting remove one arm from the ground. Head position will be key for not tilting. 

You can raise your elbow out to the side or up towards ear.  


Once you feel stable, lift the opposite foot a couple inches of the ground. So left arm and right foot or right arm and left foot. Hold for 3-5 sec before retuning both back to the floor.  Keeping core right, and not tilting, repeat with other sides. 

Take a few minutes to dial this in.  As you find your balance points the goal is to raise and lower both foot and hand at same time. 

Level 1: 

Aim to attain 5 pairs of two point planks, 3-5 sec holds in two point position,  with controlled deliberated raises and drops. Break as often and for as long as you need  

Level 2:  

Aim for 10 pairs, but only break once. You can hold the regular plank between transitions as long as you need before continuing. But only drop once to rest fully.  

Level 3: 

10 pairs, hold position for 10 sec once up.  Minimal time at regular plank between switches. 

Level 4:  

20 pairs, with 10 sec holds  

Level 5

20 sec holds, minimal time in regular plank for transitions... As many pairs as possible without dropping.  

Let me know how many you get.  

Wuality plank is the most basic reason we are doing this so don't rush and aim for higher reps than you can perform well. Get a true number of where you are right now so you can compare it in the future. 

Slow deliberate transitions are part if this challenge.  Don't fall out of a position. No tilting.  25 days in and the tilt should be easily controlled for at least a few reps now.