Today we mix it up with a challenging combo of Day 3 and The fun Day 10: Low plank with foot lifts, and Tall plank with shoulder taps. 


Click on the links below to recap the essentials of each version.


Tabata is 20 sec of quality work paired with 10 sec rest. Normally you do 8 rounds of the same exercise. Today's challenge begins with 20 sec of foot lifts, 10 sec break, 20 sec of shoulder taps, 10 sec break, repeat.

Level 1: 4 pairs of each.

Level 2: 8 pairs of each

Level 3: 12 pairs of each.

This challenge ends if you need to take longer than ten sec break in order to keep perfect for. ( but then I encourage you to finish the level out, taking as much rest as needed)