Today's plank is yet another add on to the forearm plank. Quality is the only important factor here.  Set a countdown for 30 sec.  



Begin with both feet very close.  


Slowly lift right foot and move it away from the left foot. Place in on the ground.  Minimal tilting of torso is the goal. 


Lift left foot and place it wide. Keeping all muscles tight. Breath normally for entire time.  


Lift right foot and return it to it's starting position.  


Lift left foot and return it to it's starting position.  

Maintaining control and slow but deliberate movements, repeat this sequence for 30 sec.  

Then take as much recovery as needed.  

Then repeat but starting with the left foot first.  

Take a break

Repeat 3 QUALITY rounds. 

Tip: Begin with narrow steps and widen them as you feel you can keep form in check   

If round one was easy you take a 20 second break before starting again.  

If not easy but no too difficult take 45 sec break. 

If you found this difficult take a full minute to 90 sec break.  

If you couldn't complete your 30 sec each way you are still going to aim for 3 quality rounds of 30 sec both ways but you have the whole day to spread them out.  

Quality and slow tempo are vital.  

Do not count how many you do in the 30 sec as this will favor speed over quality.  

Basic plank form held throughout.

Minimal tilt.

Do not allow lower back to take over the work if your corset muscles fails. Better to stop and rest.