Today we are stepping it up a little bit. Using Day 1's Forearm Plank technique, we are then going to increase the difficulty by going from 4 points of contact with the floor - two forearms and two feet, to 3 points of contact - two forearms and one foot. Quality must be the number one focus here. Tighten up everything and once you feel you are dialed in, try to raise one foot off the floor without any noticable tilting of the hips and shoulders. Hold your foot off the floor for a short time, 2 to 3 seconds, slowly lower it back to the floor and repeat with the other foot. Maintaining a neutral spine is vital for quality core work. Lifting the foot too high will lead you to loosing your alignment. The work here happens with the foot almost touching the floor so there is no need to raise up so high that it forces your hips to drop or tilt.1 to 6" is sufficient.  Its difficult to know how high up your foot is so pay attention to any lower back pressure and adjust accordingly. Keep your movements slow and controlled, both in the lift and the drop. Be very careful not to lift your chin up. Imagine you are trying to hold a tennis ball between your chin and chest. If your chin raises up you will be far more likely to drop your hips, placing pressure on your lower back and reducing the effectiveness of the plank. Combine this with an excessively high foot lift and it will be really tough to keep your lower back from feeling pinched. 


So today's challenge is not for a max time. Today you will perform this plank for the same total time that you performed Day 1's Forearm Plank.  So if you got 3:12 sec for Day 1, today you will perform this exercise, with quality for a total time of 3 minutes 12 sec. You will need to take breaks to ensure quality is maintained. You get to choose how you want to break this up. Minimal rest times will make this more challenging. I suggest breaking briefly, before you actually need to, in order to recover faster and get back in the game and finish faster.  It is totally up to you how you do this. Let us know your breakdown. 


  • 30 sec Plank : 10 - 15 sec Rest
  • Halves....Aim for half your total time in one go, (as long as you can maintain quality for this length), break, until you feel you can perform half of what is remaining...Repeat until you can finish it out.
  • Tabata 20:10 format, take longer break after 4 mins and continue.
  • Or spread it out over the day. 

However you decide....focus on quality. Nothing else is more important.

Have fun.