June 7th, 2015 was a great day for a lot of people. Tuxedo, N.Y.'s Spartan Sprint was the culmination of over a year of encouraging, coaching, convincing, and showing a group of people that they could do so much more than they imagined possible.  The day went from being 'sometime next year' to 'next month' faster than any of us could predicted.  Some very intensive Spartan Specific workouts and dozens of cross training sessions provided by all the different classes and instructors at both Pike Physical Therapy and Fitness Center in Dingmans Ferry, PA and Tribe Fitness & Dance Academy in Milford, PA paved the way to Tuxedo.  So many mental and physical wins along the way.  A convoy of four cars set off early Sunday morning to attack a mountain, so many obstacles and more than a few personal demons. This was not the same group of individuals that registered and committed to this day.  Climbing over a 6 foot wall just to get to the starting line is a great way to realize it just got real.  Looking around our group it was so much fun to know that in a few short hours they would all be changed even more.  There was fear, excitement and nerves.  A couple may have even convinced themselves that they didn't belong there.  Believe me they earned their spot in that starting pen. I had made certain that some of my training sessions were more difficult than any one event ahead of them on that day. The Spartan was bigger, longer and tougher on the whole, but no one part was going to crush them knowing what they had already achieved on the journey here.   My biggest reward from the day was witnessing their fear and anxiety fade behind a growing confidence and then determination. The first hill was an awful warm up and an eye opener to just what lay ahead but after 20 mins in no one had any doubt about where they belonged that day. No one doubted they would finish. Whatever it took. Even the worst of cramping later on could not stop these warriors and the glow beaming from everyone at the end was what it was all about.  

Such an amazing day, with some of the best people I know. Can't wait to run as a team again and I know each of these have recruited more to the cause.  Running as a Team or For Time are both phenomenal experiences in totally different ways and I would encourage you all to try both.