We all have "reasons" why we can't go to the gym or train. Yet there are busier people than us with less free time that never miss it and feel all the better for it. In fact they may even be more productive throughout the day because of it. 

So let's break down the biggest excuses and see how we can tackle them, starting with the one I hear the most from clients. 


  • Try different times of the day to see what works best for you and your schedule. This may vary from day to day or even from  week to week but play around and when it works plan to do it again the next time your schedule is similar. 
  • Just do a little at a time, aiming for at least 60 minutes by the end of the day. Even 3 x 12 mins of moderate activity has been found to give positive results, and even if you don't get that full hour you will be lapping the you that isn't doing anything at all.  
  • See if you there is something you can cut out in order to make the time for physical activity. TV may be the obvious choice but just by putting electronics away for an hour can make you so much more productive and less distracted. This may be enough to clear up time during the rest of the day for a quick workout. 
  •  Combine other aspects of your day with exercise. Instead if meeting you friend for a sit down coffee, meet them for a hike or even take the coffee to go and stroll while catching up. 

Bottom line, it is all about panning and identifying just how important the results you are seeking are to you. If your WHY is important enough you will make it happen.  It does not need to be a long workout to have an effect. You can achieve a lot in 20 mins. 

There's a lot more solutions available too but let us know how you deal with the perceived lack of Time issue?  

Share with us your tips. 

Let us know if you think you have a barrier that isn't easily worked around.  

Comment below.  

We will look at your comments and address them and also look at other common perceived barriers in a later blog.